Sedation Dentistry

Your comfort matters at Kaufman Family Dentistry. Our practice offers sedation dentistry to ensure that you are relaxed and content during treatment. In addition to improving comfort during more invasive procedures, sedation dentistry is beneficial to those who suffer from dental anxiety. If you have questions about treatment and your comfort, feel free to call us during normal business hours to speak with a member of our team.


Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic comes in topical and injectable forms. Topical anesthetics relieve sensitivity temporarily on a superficial level. An injectable anesthetic reaches nerve endings deeper inside tissue so that patients enjoy increased comfort during treatments.


Nitrous Oxide

Dentists and physicians have used nitrous oxide for over a century. This gas compound produces fast-acting analgesic and sedating effects. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” is inhaled through a soft nasal mask. As it is inhaled, its effects begin to become noticeable. This gas produces mild euphoric feelings and a relaxed state of mind. Those receiving this form of sedation can drive home after their appointments because nitrous oxide wears off soon after it is no longer being inhaled.


Conscious Oral Sedation

When it comes to more invasive procedures or treating patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, conscious oral sedation is very beneficial. This form of sedation involves taking prescription tablets just before one’s dental appointment. The medications prescribed are mild sedatives that inhibit the chemical reactions that produce feelings of panic, intense fear, and worry. Since these medications’ effects can last for hours after one’s treatment, all patients receiving this form of sedation must arrange for transport to and from our practice.


Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Dental anxiety and phobia can keep people from receiving the oral healthcare they need. The intense fear and panic associated with dental anxiety and especially dental phobia can make patients do almost anything to avoid a checkup or dental treatment. Our team at Kaufman Family Dentistry is sensitive to the fact that some patients have a much harder time in the dental chair than others. We treat those with anxiety and phobia with the compassion and dignity they deserve. With sedation dentistry and relaxation techniques, visiting the dentist can be much easier.

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Common Sedation Dentistry Questions

What is dental anxiety and phobia?

Dental anxiety and phobia are issues that can greatly affect a person’s ability to receive oral health care. Dental anxiety refers to patients who have heightened anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist for routine care. This anxiety can be debilitating and uncomfortable. Sometimes a person with dental anxiety has had a negative experience with dental work in the past. This experience can make he or she more nervous than the average patient.

Dental phobias are a bit different from dental anxiety. A phobia is a severe, irrational fear of a specific object, event, or environment. If a person has a dental phobia, he or she will suffer terrifying emotions. In fact, severe phobias of dental settings could mean that a person will do nearly anything to avoid visiting the dentist.

Dental anxiety and phobia can affect the state of a person’s oral health care. Foregoing routine care and recommended treatments like receiving fillings can lead to the development of systemic oral health conditions. Statistics show that patients with dental anxiety and phobia have increased risks for dental caries and periodontal (gum) disease.

What is conscious sedation for dental work?

Conscious sedation for dental work is a form of sedation dentistry that helps maintain the comfort of patients during dental treatments. This type of sedation is taken in oral form by tablet most commonly prescribed from the benzodiazepine class of medications. Patients with dental anxiety and phobia can benefit from oral conscious sedation because this sedation method uses medications that are formulated to counteract the chemicals produced in the brain during episodes of heightened anxiety.

Since the medications used in oral conscious sedation do impair one’s cognitive and motor function, it is important that patients have a family member or close friend bring them to and from their appointments.

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas is an informal term for nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has been used in medical and dental settings for over a century because it is a safe form of relieving discomfort and anxiety. Since this compound is a gas, it is inhaled during treatment through a soft nasal mask. As nitrous oxide is inhaled, its effects will begin to feel noticeable. Once the mask is removed, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off. Nitrous oxide produces slight feelings of euphoria and comforting waves of calmness.

Due to the effects of nitrous oxide wearing off quickly, most patients can drive to and from their appointments without having to arrange for transportation.

What is the cost of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is actually quite affordable – especially when the nitrous oxide or prescriptions in tablet form are utilized. Both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation are considered cost-effective, and many people can easily pay for these services out-of-pocket if necessary. When it comes to treatment costs, we recommend that patients speak with our staff after their consultation. This allows us to make estimates of costs based on the suggested treatment.